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Read Some of the Amazing things about the ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance policy scheme usually covers all the medical expenses emerging from illnesses and injuries. It is coined as the reliable health insurance plan that works to protect one from sudden medical expenses.

It also reimburses the expenses originating from medical bills and also pays for the medical care that is offered directly on your behalf. It is coined as the comprehensive medical insurances that cover the overall cost of the hospitalization, day-care procedures, medical care at home, ambulance charges and much more.

It is the type of health-insurance plan that helps one to get protected under various diseases. Moreover, it allows one to boost tax savings. As most of its health-insurance schemes fall under the section 80-D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, it allows several policy-holders to claim tax-benefits under the health-insurance schemes.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits linked to this health insurance policy

1) Covers Pre and Post Hospitalization

One of the major benefits linked to the health-insurance policy is that it covers all the types of medical expenses that are incurred from the patient’s end before and prior to his hospitalization.

2) Covers Pre-existing Diseases

It is a kind of the health-plan that covers the pre-existing disease after the completion of the waiting period as inscribed in the policy certificate.

3) Offers Cashless Treatment

It is a policy that enables the patient to bid-goodbye to hesitation as it requires one to worry about anything related to the arrangement of cash that is required for paying off the hospital bill. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Company is also known for settling the claims directly with the hospital in its network.

4) Allows One to Claim Tax Benefits

Being a policy holder, you can easily claim the tax benefit on health-insurance premium that falls under the section 80-D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

5) Fully Covers Ambulance Expenses

It is the type of health-insurance that works in covering the ambulance expenses that has occurred during the medical emergency.

6) Offers Additional Sum Insured

It is the type of health-insurance scheme that carries plethora of benefits and it allows one to enjoy the additional sum that is insured for every claim-free year according to the policy certificate as per their health plan.

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Know the Different types of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policies?

a) ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance

It is the type of health insurance policy that offers an extended coverage at the time of medical emergency. It also gives one access to the wide range of cashless hospitals across the nations.

b) Health Booster

It is the part of this policy scheme that secures the health of an individual. It works like a super top-up plan that often enacts the role of a backing scheme that works when the base plan of individual gets exhausted. It allows one to purchase the Health Booster plan that works with ICICI Lombard Health Insurance without having the basic plan.

c) Arogya Sanjeevani Policy, ICICI Lombard

Arogya Sanjeevani Policy is also the part of ICICI Lombard and it is the health plan that usually takes care of the basic health-care needs and it comes at an affordable premium with flexible sum insured options that begin from Rs 1 lakh.

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Claim Status

It is regarded as the safest in-house health claim plan and is the best wellness center of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance. This is one such health-care center, where the managers offer bouquet of health services as well as information system to keep one healthy and happy. Its major objective is to ensure that good health and complete happiness do come by the facilitation of best-in-class services at the right time and right place.

Moreover, it has collaborated with the best hospitals having adept-in-class diagnostic and wellness centre as well as different health care service providers.

Know What All Types of Things Are Included in the ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Claim Form

If you wish to fill-up the form of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance then you simply need to fill the three columns naming A, B, and C.

In Column A, you need to fill your organization details, name of the hospital where your treatment is undergoing as well as the name of the doctor, and you also need to self-declare voluntarily to sign-up to the terms and conditions of the policy too.

In Column B, you are required to fill the details about your hospital and mention the number of times you consulted any doctor. You would also be required to name the critical illnesses from which you are suffering and the treatments that you have endured during the specific time.

In Column C, you need to mention the proof of your residence, payment receipts, pharmacy bills, consultation paper, age-group, doctor’s prescription as well as final hospital bill. You are also required to submit the identity proof of your nationality and the region from where you are hailing.

Read the Documents Carefully As They Need To Be Submitted

Yours reports citing the cause of your illness along with the investigation proof needs to be submitted. You are also required to use the implant sticker as well as the invoice of the purchased medicines.

As you would be seeking the full-health insurance cover, you are required to submit the bank attested copy of passbook with IFSC code.

You are also required to submit the discharge summary along with the hospital bill as well as the nature of treatment that you underwent.

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance secures the right of an individual to add or remove any hospital from the mentioned list. Its cashless facility is not certainly limited to any specific room category.

What exactly is the cashless hospitalization?

Cashless hospitalization implies that one isn’t entitled to pay any cash as well as financial transaction arising out from the hospital directly. It allows one to focus more on his family’s treatment as well recovery without feeling anxious about the pilling up of the bills. Thus, within the Cashless Mediclaim, a policy holder can easily take the reimbursement of all the medical expenses arising out of the treatment.

Know exactly how the cashless hospitalization works?

While availing the services of the cashless hospital, one needs to surely check the network hospital list before getting admitted. The list of hospitals included in the ICICI Lombard Health Insurance holds the name of all the hospitals that has collaborated with the insurer.

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Hospital List

Below are the ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Hospital List:

  • Sonia Hospital
  • Vimhans Nayati Super Speciality Hospital
  • Batra Hospital and Medical Research
  • Max Balaji Hospital
  • Mohan Eye Institute
  • Park Hospital
  • Sunil Hospital
  • Jain Hospital
  • RG Stone and Urology Hospital
  • Vinayak Hospital
  • Metro Hospital and Cancer Institute
  • Jaipur Golden Hospital
  • Delhi Heart and Lung Hospital
  • Surya Kiran Hospital
  • National Heart Institute
  • Handa Hospital
  • Dr Shroff’s Charity Hospital

Know the Benefits of Cashless Hospitalizations

i) Easing in the Cash Burden-

It is said that the cashless hospitalization is beneficial in the time of emergency medical situations and thus with the cashless Mediclaim, you can easily focus on the treatment that too without focusing on the monetary anxieties.

ii) Expensive Coverage-

It is one such cashless Mediclaim that can be covered throughout the hospitalization period with the help of the dedicated Third Party Administrator who can easily resolve any of the major problems.

iii) Affordable and Reliable

One of the best thing pertaining to the health-insurance scheme is that they are affordable implying that a salaried person can easily buy it whereas its duration schemes are said to be safer and can help an individual focus on the long run.

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Customer Care Numbers


Contact and Accessibility

Toll Free Charges

Contact Number

Policy, purchase, service and claims. Accessible Within India Chargeable +1800 2666
Alternative Number of Policy Purchase Accessible with Jammu and Kashmir Chargeable +91 40 6627 3505
NRI Customers People living in countries like Canada, America, and England can also dial at these numbers. Chargeable +91 40 6627 3505
Grievance Redressal Toll Free +1800 2666


ICICI Lombard Health Insurance is one such health-insurance plan that is capable of covering all the types of medical expenses of an individual that arises when he/she meets an accident or suffers from prolonged critical illness.

It is one such health-insurance scheme that offers protective layer to not only an insurer but also to his loved ones. It also offers reimbursement in the time of need to the patient when he/she gets discharged from the hospital.

Health-insurance schemes such as Health Booster and Arogya Health Insurance policy has deliberately helped people to fetch betterment and also in gaining the things that could easily help an individual to seek a better future.

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