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Why Choosing Max Bupa Health Insurance Can Be The Best One?

Nobody can deny it and it seems so obvious that a Max Bupa health insurance policy requires critical measures to manage the healthcare needs along with expenses of the family and patient too.

Why Choose the Health Insurance Scheme Offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance? 

It is the first institute to acquire Novalis Tx for IMRT/IGRT, Radio-surgery, HIPEC, SRS/SRT.

It offers a complete solution to complex problems like cancers of cervix, prostate, colon, as well as heart tumors. This procedure is determined to be cutting edge for executing minimally invasive surgery.

Detection of breast cancer by using MRI mammograms and X-Ray Mammograms has proven to be quite helpful in identifying breast-lumps among women.

Also, Accelerated Partial Breast Radiation (APBI), IGRT, and Brachytherapy are counted amongst the best procedures to treat this fatal disease.

Since many health insurance plans in the market might confuse you therefore it is necessary for you to buy those set of health insurance that does not contain any sort of hassle and include less paperwork.

By buying Max Bupa’s Health Insurance, you can secure your family because it is affordable and works as a comprehensive family floater health insurance scheme that can bid all of your worries.

This health insurance scheme is designed for individuals, couples, and nuclear families, and this health policy is known for offering a solid cover of up to Rs 1 crore. It renews the lifetime insurance and boost-up the smart-top-up options to increase your coverage.

It also allows one to enjoy cashless treatments in more than 4,000 hospitals in its loop. This health insurance policy helps in letting one claim tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

You can also get the refill benefits along with hospital accommodation for your loved ones with no such limits.  As a person, if you do get a discount of 12.5% in the second year’s premium.

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Treatment procedures lying within it

a) Day Care Treatment

These are some sort of treatments that don’t require patients to be hospitalized. It is a type of medical insurance plan that covers all types of procedures.

b) No Claim Benefit

It allows you to receive the claim bonus of 20% on the basic sum that can go maximum to 100%

c) Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses

It offers compensation for the medical expenses that are linked with hospitalization 30 days prior to the hospitalization and 60 days after it.

d) Health Check-up

It depends upon your plan too and it allows you to receive a complimentary health-check-up for at least once in a year or two,

e) Refill Benefits

After the exhaustion of the no-claim bonus, this health insurance scheme is known for refilling the benefits pertaining to the sum insured along with the base of the sum insured.

f) Expansive Hospital Network

This health insurance scheme offers a cashless facility to various customers for taking treatment in their local network that contains more than 3500 hospitals as well as for the remaining hospitals. It allows the insurer to claim through the source of reimbursement mode.

g) Free Look Period

If you don’t wish to proceed with this health insurance policy, then you can request a refund within 15 days from after taking the policy document.

Max Bupa Health Companion is known for offering customized medical insurance plans for everybody. It is labeled as the leading health insurance company in India.

It is the only company that is known to be a superband because of its continuous service for more than two years in the field of health insurance.

After buying this policy, the shareholder gets a policy kit and the card.  It also allows the savings of the senior citizen policyholder who carries the annual income greater than INR 5 crore and its coverage is also needed for policyholder’s parents too.

Moreover, you should consult a tax advisor to get better advice about where you need to invest your money.

Some of its Advantageous Schemes

If an insurer’s age is below 60 years then the insurance premium he or she might get is estimated to be around Rs50,000.

If an insurer and his/her family’s age is less than 60 years, then he/she will get a premium of Rs 75,000.

If an insurer and his parents are more than 60 years then he is eligible to get Rs 75,000.

a) Affordable Prices

The biggest advantage linked with Max Buppa Life Insurance is that it is affordable and lies within your budget. So, why to think more when this life insurance will protect you from each and every obstacle in life?

Simply log in to their website and see an amazing set of health-insurance plans made just for you.

b) Long term Benefit

Unlike another set of plans, Max Bupa health insurance facilitates you the long term benefit because of its high premiums and low investment, your life along with your family will remain secure.

Health Insurance Along with Tax Benefits

The Indian government has initiated several ways of propagating the idea of health insurance, so it has come up with great tax-benefits of health insurance under section 80-D of the Income Tax Act.

Although, health insurance policies are said to be of great measures because they help people to save taxes and are perceived as the only risk covers meant for the major population.

Prefer the Right Set of Health Insurance

Health insurance policies are usually classified into two types. The ones which are made for individuals are called “Individual Health Policy” whereas the one which is made for the family is called “Family Floater Policy“.

These health insurance schemes do come with other types of policies like “Mediclaim Policy”, “Critical Illness Policy” that provides the coverage when the patient is diagnosed with any disease.

It also provides coverage when the patient is diagnosed with a pre-existing critical condition. There also comes an option of critical illness rider to the existing health insurance to increase the protection cover.

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