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Reasons Why ICICI Prudential Life Insurance will help in Sheltering You

It has been true that most of us pass time simply by anticipating the upcoming time whose dimension is not known to many people and thus we all end up becoming dubious. This is not an unknown fact but a reality that we cannot be unseen.

Thus there have been times in our lives where we thought of finding some ways that could help you to save our hard-earned money because who knows how life would be post-retirement because that might the autumn phase of our life where one would live a life without worries.

There are many times when we generally forget about what has really happened and it even if we try to recall then also we aren’t able to do it.

ICICI Prudential Life Status

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is one such strategy that allows people to strategize their goals on the basis of what really comes in the financial roadblock and even paves a new way for them.

It protects the future of kids by safeguarding the expenses and is labeled as the specific, measurable, and time-bound policy that covers-up the expenses of children and can cover the expenses soaring near to Rs 25 lakhs.

ICICI Life Insurance plan is just a standalone protective scheme that offers goals that are realistic and far more different from what others might have realized.

It also allows a policyholder to create smart goals and even stand for specific measurable,  achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

Though life situations do vary at some point in all our lives and not all the types of families are cast in the same umbrella. ICICI Prudential life insurance plan is highly affordable and pushes one to buy them without paying any heed to what others say. Therefore, to buy the best life insurance plans, always consider this insurance policy.

It is highly difficult for one to rely upon one source of a channel for survival especially in the era of today where inflation has risen significantly by a greater proportion in comparison to its rise in the early ’80s and 90’s.

The major task for people to identify the life goals lies in identifying the real problems and thus this life insurance plan is enough in carving out the concrete path for what one has ever dreamt of.

The level of insecurities revolving around the private jobs that too in a country where unemployment has been raised significantly high and the COVID-19 pandemic has raised many problems especially for more than 40% urban elites as they might lose their jobs owing to the lack of inconsistency in their jobs.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance also allows the policyholder to create more than one revenue system.

To improvise with concerns about the possible salary, one should opt for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance because it consists of a contingency plan too.

If a person does not have the time to work for multiple jobs then there are financial tools that allow one to earn a passive income while not disturbing the daily work.

Thus it can be said that ICIC Life Prudential Scheme is a concrete plan that offers the dual benefit of life cover along with savings that too at affordable premiums and also guarantees a comfortable living. Thus, you should think to buy the best life insurance plans as it also becomes an added stream of revenue that comes in handy, especially in the time of need.

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ICICI Prudential i-Protect Smart 34 Critical Illness Benefit Option

This life insurance plan is labeled as one such option benefit that provides full claim payout on the first stage of the diagnosis of 34 critical illnesses like cancer, heart attack, and kidney failure. It shelters one for a period of 30 years that too without any change in premium.

ICICI prudential life insurance also offers cover for COVID-19 claims and can cover 34 critical illnesses.

Moreover, the tax benefits of the life insurance plans are also counted under section 80-C and 80-D.

You can get the life cover of Rs 1 crore that starts at Rs 490 per month and moreover, the premiums will remain fixed for the entire duration of the ICICI life insurance plan policy.

Its stage benefit also provides several options to increase the life cover even after the marriage and that too by 50% and 25% by the childbirth and do not consist of any medical expenses.

It is one such life insurance plan where the additional benefit is calculated based on the life cover and the remaining policy term is calculated according to the age and time of such increase.

a) Permanent Disability Relief

In case of the permanent disability owing to an accident, all the future premiums are waived off and the life cover continues to remain the same for the exact policy duration, and this benefit comes-in built with a policy that does not charge any extra cost to people.

b) 100% Terminal Illness Payout

It is usually said that the terminal illnesses are not only life-threatening but can also spell financial ruin. This is one such benefit of the ICICI life insurance plan that helps one to fight against those illnesses by paying 100%  of the life cover amount before death and it covers AIDS too.

c) Tax Benefits up to Rs 54,000

Even the premium paid and benefits received in cash are eligible for tax benefits under section 80C  and 10 (10 D).

It allows one to earn an income of Rs 7 lakh and it is adequate for the financial wellbeing of your family and it also continues even when the family members are not around.

A bank usually saves Rs 1 crore as FD and it generates 7 % on a yearly income of Rs 7 lakh for the entire family.

It works as a sizeable investment that allows one to grow a corpus of Rs 1 crore before their death.


If a person can’t create a large savings-investment, then it comes as the viable option that comes into the play is Rs 1 crore term insurance plan.

In the end, it can be concluded that you should buy the best life insurance plans as they provide a concrete shelter to the needy.

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