Top 3 Insurance Policy

The Ultimate Guide for the Top 3 Insurance Policy

Whether it is a person aging who is a 75-year old retiree or a three months old baby, both of can’t afford to live without health insurance.

In times like these where COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard almost all the areas, it has become extremely hard for people to sustain financially especially when lockdown has been imposed on numerous cities too.

During these times it has become quite necessary for people to opt for various health insurance policies.

Now you can take a look at this article and gain insight into several benefits related to insurance policies.

1) Offers Protective Coverage for Everyone

One of the biggest advantages linked with the health insurance apart from being a cashless family floater health insurance plan is that it covers the whole health insurance need of the family and do require individual’s health too.

These modern-day health insurance schemes do provide sufficient healthcare protection to kids, spouses, and parents too. Now, you can buy a single health insurance plan and even secure your family too.

2) Affordable

Most of the healthcare insurance plans are entitled to be very affordable and hold the capability of covering as many members of the same tribe as possible.

In these schemes, even the insurer provides schemes at affordable rates which implies that the cost of health insurance would be far higher than individual plans too that plans to cover every member of the family.

3) Easy to Maintain

For any buyer, it is far easier to maintain the best cashless Mediclaim policy for his/her family in India. One needs to pay only a single premium and there are many times when one has the options to choose policies from multiple premium dates and you often get confused and eventually forget the premium dates too.

This further leads to many problems like policy lapses. But the moment one acquires the single health plan for any member of his family

4) Cashless Treatment

We must assume that if there occurs any sort of medical emergency at any point in time in any member’s life and an uninterrupted medical emergency comes in, then you need not panic especially when all the banks are closed. When an individual is equipped with the cashless policy then there is no need to worry.

Almost all the types of insurance-related payments are covered within the policy premiums. In addition to all of these above-mentioned features, most of the health policies are considered to be hassle-free.

Different Types of Covers

It is an adept cash-less Medi-claim policy that entails a secure protective cover for an entire family especially in India.

Most of the health insurance policies are considered to be conducive to helping patients with post and pre-hospitalization care. From providing the best domiciliary care to daycare expenses, insurers generally gain all the types of medical covers at the time when such schemes are bought.

Many of these protection covers help an individual and his family member to stay in the best shape and even allow them to remain healthy all the time.

It is surveyed that most of the leading family health insurance plans are generally accustomed to the help of riders.

One is even allowed to add riders including the critical illness rider, personal accident rider, hospital cash rider, and even allow your plan to become more flexible by bringing in more options like suitable payment terms, policy durations, and much more.

Tax-Related Benefits

At the time of buying health insurance, one can even avail of several tax benefits too. With most of the premium amount getting indulged towards the cashless mediclaim policy for an entire family is counted as tax-deductible. Most importantly, this feature is also available within the section 80-D of the Indian Income Tax Act.

With the availability of so many benefits, it has become quite feasible for everybody to invest in the best cashless Medi-claim policy for a whole family in India.

Some of the most renowned cashless mediclaim policies for an insurer in India include-

a) Max Bupa-Health Companion

b) Apollo Munich Health Insurance-Optima Restore

c) Reliance Health Insurance-Gain Plan

d) ICICI Lombard Health Insurance-Floater Mediclaim Policy

e) New India Assurance Health Insurance-Floater Mediclaim Policy

f) Future Generali Health Insurance-Health Suraksha

Now, one is also equipped with multiple options to choose the best suitable plan for his family. The moment one finds an ideal solution, he/she can purchase it and can gain assurance that it will act as the umbrella for the best cashless Medi-claim policy for an entire family in India.

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Motor Insurance

Apart from health insurance, most of the banks are also issuing insurance protective schemes to vehicles owned by the insurers too.

In the field of insurance is generally works on the ground of “use it or lose it” policy. One is required to pay an annual premium for securing the longevity of this motor insurance scheme in the long run.

On the other side, one can also attain the premium amount that he/she paid for the protection if they are fortunate enough to not encounter any type of accident.

On the other side, one can also avail of a No Claim Bonus policy which is substantiated to be the amount that begins from 20% of the premium in the first year to 50% of the mentioned amount in the sixth year. Perhaps, this is the reason one is said not to claim compensation for minor changes.

It is estimated that the value of insurance policy is generally based on the derivatives imposed on the Insured Declared Value of the vehicle which is generally estimated to be the maximum insured amount and is equivalent to the market value of the vehicle. While buying an insurance cover for any vehicle, IDV is calculated based on the vehicle’s listed price.

Why Motor Insurance is a Necessity?

1) The loss which is caused due to natural calamities

Natural calamities like lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, cyclone, landslide are capable of destroying private vehicles.

2) Loss or damage caused due to man-made calamities

Motor insurance also provides protective cover at the time when any manmade calamities such as theft, riot, strike, terrorist activity, and even the damage which is caused in transportation by road, rail, and water.

Home Insurance and Home Loans

The land of goddess Lakshmi has also been the country of hope and opportunities for many. Incredibly transforming the lives of many by assuring their lives, these home loans have worked tremendously in safeguarding the interests of the property owners.

It also allows one to furnish their house with appealing interiors, valuable antiques, and modernized furniture. Without home insurance, one is required to shell out the charges of damages from our own pocket and it proves to be highly costly.

All the types of home insurance plans are known for offering several coverages for supporting the structure of the buildings too. Thus one can be assured that while paying off the home loan EMI that even the natural calamity is also included.

Thus, it can be said that insurance policies are like a protective shield that prevents the onset of any devastation and help an individual to overcome his worst fears by enlightening more immensity of confidence in him and in letting him believe that his life, property, and vehicles will always remain insured.

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