Future Generali Car Insurance

Why Future Generali Car Insurance Can Be Beneficial For You?

Future Generali Car Insurance is the collaboration between two leading Insurance corporations. It started in September 2007 and since then offers a pretty wide range of services in the field of insurance.

The two companies in collaboration are the Generali Group, a leading Italian insurance company, one of the best in all over Italy, and the Future Group of Companies.

Generali Group is also one of the most trusted companies all over Europe providing Insurance in all sectors. Together they form Future Generali General Insurance Co. Ltd. Car insurance is also one of their most prevalent insurance services.

The unique part of the Future Generali Insurance is the add-on services they offer along with their proposed plan which allows customers to choose from a variety of products.  It offers extra coverage along with the original insurance plan.

Car Insurance is the deal every car owner must inhabit. Not only it provides protection for the vehicle but also a great deal of solace to the minds of the one in possession of the vehicle.

Advantages of Future Generali Car Insurance 

With its enormous reach in Europe, both Future Generali Car Insurance renewal and purchase experience has now been successful in India as well. The insurance is apt for those customers looking for an affordable and efficient insurance policy for their vehicles.

Future Generali has become the most trusted insurance provider in the country with its main emphasis on customer management. It prioritises Future Generali car insurance claim settlement and offers protection both to the vehicle and the policyholder against all damages including road accidents.

Some of the crucial benefits of the Future Generali Car Insurance are: 

  1. Car insurance with Future Generali is an easy and a stress-free process for users whether they are buying new insurance or proceeding with Future Generali car insurance renewal.
  2. Under the comprehensive car insurance policy, third party liability and personal damages are included along with some other additional features which can be incorporated under a premium account.
  3. With the online accessibility of the Future Generali Insurance, the process for documentation and approval becomes easy and timesaving. The company claims to deliver services with the least difficulty and inconvenience.
  4. With a complex network of associated garages all over the country, Future Generali India enables you to go cashless with settlement claims. To check Future Generali car insurance claim status, log onto their official website.
  5. For all service-related queries and issues, Future Generali India has a 24×7 customer support helpline.
  6. For customers to not miss any payments for their insurance premium, Future Generali sends timely reminders to customers. However, use Future Generali car insurance toll free number  1800-220- 233 for any information regarding your policy.
  7. Towing service is also available in case any accident takes place within city limits.
  8. When provided all concerned receipts and documents, every Future Generali car insurance claim is resolved within seven working days.

Features of  Future Generali Car Insurance 

The provided features with the insurance policy are what make the Future Generali Car Insurance renewal and purchase, a unique user-friendly journey.

Some of the features of the Car Insurance policy are:

  • With more than 900 workshops the Future Generali Insurance has a cashless claim compensation available.
  • There’s a highly equipped and specialized team of customer care executives available at all times to unravel all insurance-related issues.

Future Generali Car Insurance

Scope of Future Generali Car Insurance 

Some of the important features covered under the Car insurance policy by Future General India are:

i) The insurance guarantees protection to the policyholder under all kinds of damage to the vehicle. The damages include destruction from fire explosions, flood, hurricane, hailstorm, earthquake, cyclone, and landslide.

ii) The insurance can be claimed for theft, riot, terrorist attack, stroke, and other criminal activity.

iii) Any kind of damage during transit either by road or rail shall be enclosed.

iv) In the case of road accidents, Future Generali Car insurance not only protects the vehicle’s damage but also takes care of the driver/owner with Personal Accident Cover. 1 lakh is paid in case of death or disability. However, both named and unnamed passengers can get claims unto a maximum limit of INR 2 lakhs each person.

v) Third-party liability cover provides protection from claims by the third party against death or injury claims.

Note: Check your Future Generali car insurance claim status by logging onto their official app/website.

Add-on Offers

There are basically two types of Future Generali Car insurance:

a) Future Express

b) Future Express+ 

Future Express focuses on repair services and customized services at the affordable price range. While Future Express+ is suitable for those who plan to claim loss assessment, claim finalization and the user can get the choice of garage or workshop from the wide range of garages available.

Other than these two plans, Future Generali has add-on benefits with pre-determined features that the user can choose and add to their original car insurance plan. The add onsare:-

  • Silver – Offering depreciation cap, consumables, and IDV
  • Gold – Same as silver buy with the added benefit of Personal Accident Cover, Loss of Personal Belongings cover and Loss of keys cover.
  • Platinum – Platinum offers Inconvenience Allowance Cover and Personal Liability cover along with the above-mentioned benefits.

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Why Choose Future Generali Car Insurance?

Future Generali car insurance claim process caters to all needs of customers with the most efficiency and supremacy to customer satisfaction. Future Generali Car Insurance gives a discount on premium insurance for the anti-theft device as well as for choosing voluntary deductibles.

With Future Generali car insurance renewal, you can get a No Claim Bonus of up to 50%.Future Generali India also ensures that if the customer is a part of an established automobile company in the country, they become eligible to claim a discount on their premium amount.

To check your Future Generali car insurance claim status, log onto their official website/app.

For more information, one can reach their 24*7 dedicated customer service team by calling Future Generali car insurance toll free number.

The Insured Declared Value ( IDV) at Future Generali Car insurance is fixed depending on the duration:

  • For six months, it is 5%
  • 6 months to 1 year, it is 15%
  • 1-2 years, it is 20%
  • 2-3 years, it is 30%
  • 3-4 years, it is 40%
  • 4-5 years, it is 50%

What’s not included under Future Generali car insurance renewal ?

  • The obvious damage in the vehicle’s condition due to time is not protected under the policy.
  • Illegal driving is not supported by Future Generali India. Hence, any Future Generali car insurance claim made under illegal driving is not fulfilled by the Future Generali car insurance.
  • The Future Generali car insurance renewal or purchase is valid only in India and not outside the country.
  • Only damages under a road accident are covered by car insurance and not any other issues due to mechanical or technical issues fall under the policy claims.
  • The user is not qualified for the Future Generali car insurance claim if the car is damaged due to radioactive or nuclear fission.

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