All About HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO is a mutual enterprise between India’s first Housing Finance Institution, HDFC Ltd., and ERGO International Agency from Munich Re Group. Together they deliver a wide range of Insurance policies. From Health to Home and from Motor to Travel, they cover all your general Insurance products.

HDFC has been a trusted private sector bank in India for years and its partnership with the International Munich Re Group ensures a sustainable value product.

Among their many Insurance products, motor Insurance covers all risks related to your personal or commercial vehicles. Be it two-wheeler insurance, car insurance or bike insurance, etc.

What is HDFC ERGO Car Insurance? 

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance is a protection you can arrange for your vehicle against any potential eventuality. An unfortunate accident or theft leading to untimely financial damage. Car insurance makes certain that all your vehicle’s need is fulfilled without much loss from your wallet.

It allows a kind of mental assurance to your head in case of any mishaps. Also, under the Motor Vehicle Act, in order to have a vehicle on road, it is compulsory to have liability only insurance policy. The process is simple; log on to official website, choose a plan, make a payment, and done.
What’s next; using the HDFC ERGO car insurance policy download link, instantly get your policy on your inbox.

You can calculate the premium of the plan that you are willing to purchase using HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal premium calculator.

Another best thing is the HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal process that is extremely quick and simple.

Kinds of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance 

There are basically three types of Car Insurance:

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Standalone Car Insurance Plan
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan

a) Third-Party Liability– This insurance has been made crucial by the government under the Motor Vehicle Act. The plan encloses all the damages of an accident induced by your vehicles to a third party.

b) Standalone Car Insurance– In the case of any natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis, etc., or in man-made events like riots, protests, and revolts, the Standalone Insurance provides service regarding the damage caused by such events.

c) Comprehensive Car Insurance– Comprehensive car insurance covers all your expenses from disasters, third party liability, and road accidents. Although the validity of the insurance varies depending upon the type of plan. Long term Comprehensive Car Insurance lasts up to 3 years, whereas 1-year Comprehensive Plan is valid till 1 year only.

Note: You can check your HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal status using official app/website.

Why is HDFC ERGO Important?

The world that we live in today is full of uncertain dangers and setbacks. In this scenario, every little possession that you own becomes precious and demands protection.

Hence, your vehicles (personal or commercial) require a shield against the consequences of accidents, theft, natural disasters, and other such incidents. HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provides you that shield of protection to defend yourself in the time of crisis.

It also enables you to save your money from huge bills due to car repair. As it is a fact that it costs a fortune to have your car repaired post accidents. Thus, to curb such a financial toll it is advisable to have a good car insurance policy. In addition to damages, it also provides help and alternatives in case of a stolen vehicle.One can know about HDFC ERGO car insurance claim charges and settlement process by reaching HDFC ERGO car insurance customer care.

Start by logging on to the official website of HDFC ERGO, choose the plan, pay the amount, and use HDFC ERGO car insurance policy download link received on your registered mobile number to get the instant soft copy of your policy right in your inbox.

What are the Benefits? 

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance comes with a lot of benefits such as Cashless Garages, where more than 6,800 garage network all over the country is available for you to go cashless anywhere and anytime. To check whether a garage is in the network, just contact HDFC ERGO car insurance customer care, and they will be glad to help you out.

Small technical damages can be repaired without any hassle with 24*7 car repair services. Along with this, you can also get up to 70% discount on your car insurance premium that you can calculate using HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal premium calculator.

The HDFC ERGO Car Insurance includes:-

  • Car Accidents 
  • Fire Damage 
  • Thievery 
  • Natural disasters 
  • Car Injuries 
  • Third-Party Liability

Although it is careful to note some of the things it does not cover, such as:-

  • Depreciation 
  • Technical Breakdown 
  • Illegal Actions

Additional Features 

Some of the elements that are not covered within the offered insurance policy can be added to the plan later with some of the following additional features:-

a) Zero Depreciation Cover-Through this, you can ensure a way out of all the expenses that might be excluded from your insurance plan. You can also claim the entire amount with zero depreciation. For information about HDFC ERGO car insurance claim charges, you may log onto their official website.

b) Emergency Assistance Cover– With this add on you can unlock all the features you will require in case of an emergency. You can get your car towed in the middle of the night just by reaching HDFC ERGO car insurance customer care. It also includes technical difficulties such as lost key, tire change, battery repair, fuel tank change, etc.

c) Downtime Protection-This genius feature assists you during the time your vehicle is under repair. It offers you an allowance for the time being to use alternatives such as cabs.

d) 24*7 Customer Support-HDFC ERGO car insurance customer care is available round-the-clock and offers the dedicated customer care services by ensuring prompt resolution for any query.

Note: One can add these features at the time of HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal online service.

How to Renew Your Insurance?

With the online portal available always, HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal is as easy as clicking a button.

All you need is to download the HDFC ERGO Self Inspection App for HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal online in which you need to upload all the required documents and files.

After the approval process for document checks by HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal team is completed, a link with a payment option appears. Further, you can make the payment and get a copy of the renewed policy.

You can also check your HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal status either by calling toll free number or logging onto its official website.

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